Inulin, Chicory Root Extract, Synanthrin Powder, Jerusalem Artichoke Extract

Inulin, Chicory Root Extract, Synanthrin Powder, Jerusalem Artichoke Extract
Product Details

Chicory Root Extract Inulin Details

Product Name: Inulin

Herb Sources: Chicory, Jerusalem Artichoke

Part Used: Root

Specification: Inulin, Synanthrin 50%-95%

Test Method: HPLC

Appearance: White powder

CAS#: 39289-43-5

Molecular Formula: (C6H10O5)n.xH2O
Raw Material of Chicory Root Inulin

What Is Inulin ?

Inulin, often known as oligofructose, is a mixture of polysaccharides composed of a chain of fructose units with generally a terminal glucose unit. It is mainly found in chicory roots, jerusalem artichokes and dahlia tubers. It is a water-soluble dietary fiber, also a natural carbohydrate, almost not be acid hydrolysis and digestion. There are plenty of beneficial microbial fermentation, which makes inulin having fructooligosaccharide and dietary fiber characteristics. Inulin can be widely used in many industries and foods such a s chocolate, ice-cream, soft drinks, dairy products.

Functions and Benefits of Chicory Root Extract Inulin Powder

1. Inulin can help falling blood sugar, falling blood lipid.

2. Inulin promots the mineral absorption, such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Fe2+, Cu2.

3. Jerusalem artichoke extract inulin can adjust sports of intestines and stomach, improving the fat metabolism and losing weight.

4. Inulin can inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect liver and prevent colon cancer.

5. Inulin powder has a good effect of skin whitening, it can make skin become smooth and delicate with luste.

5. Chicory root extract inulin powder can strengthen bowel peristalsis and has special efficiency to prevent and treat effectively constipation.

菊芋粉Applications of Jerusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin Powder

1. Inulin can be applied in food field as food raw material.

2. Jerusalem artichoke extract inulin powder can be used as the raw material of drugs for insulin in pharmaceutical field.

3. Chicory root extract inulin powder can be used as the natural functional edible polysaccharide in health care products industry.

4. Inulin powder can be used as the raw material in cosmetic industry.

Package & Storage

1. 1-5kg with double plastic container inside/aluminum foil bag outside. 10kg with double plastic container inside/carton outside. 25kg with double plastic container inside/fiber drum outside or it is at your option.

2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

3. Shelf Life: Two years under well storage situation.


Transport & Payment

1. Small package sent by EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.


2. Cargo sent by Air or By Sea is all available.

Shipping Terms

3. Payment available for Western Union, T/T, Paypal, etc.

Our Advantages

1. Plant extraction manufactory with factory covers an area of 35000 square maters.

2. Meet your special demand of product specification and demands on capsules, softgels, tablets and powder blendings.


3. Certificates: ISO9001, Kosher, Halal, ISO9001, HACCP, QS, NOP and Chinese Health Food GMP, etc.


4. Our purpose: provide you product with best quality, excellent service and prompt delivery with over 15 years' production and research experiences in high quality natural ingredients.

5. Rich experiences on export business; the products and services have been widely accepted by clients of USA, Europe and Australia, etc.


Our Exhibitions

Every year, our team attends many industry related exhibitions around the world, such as CPHI in Shanghai, China and Spain, Vitafood in Switzerland, Engredea/NPEW in the USA, etc.展会图片 (2)

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